Dental Implants

At Kelley Family Dentistry, we offer dental implants as a restorative option for missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth can improve your dental health as well as your smile. For your convenience, we place and restore implants in our office.

Dental Implant Placement

The placement of dental implants is typically a two-step process. In the first step, the implant (a titanium post) is installed, and the gum is allowed to heal over it. In the second step, a dental restoration (such as a crown or an implant-supported denture appliance) is installed.

Dental Implant Restoration

Once the implant post is in place, the final step in the dental implant process is to install the crown to complete the prosthetic tooth. The finished product of a dental implant can be very impressive, because they look and feel like real teeth! You can do everything with a dental implant that you can do with your natural teeth. You can eat what you want, and you can brush and floss your dental implant just as you brush and floss your natural teeth.

Reasons Why You Might Need a Dental Implant

As a restorative dental procedure, there are many reasons for recommending dental implants, and here are a few:

  • Tooth Extraction Restoration – If we have to extract a tooth, we will not leave you with an empty space for long. We will recommend several restorative options, including dental implant.
  • Replace Missing Teeth – dental implants are one of the best options for replacing missing teeth.
  • Replace Badly Damaged Teeth – Some teeth are so damaged that crowns and veneers won’t work. In such cases as those, a dental implant could be the best restorative option.
If you are missing one or several of your teeth, dental implants might be a good option for you. Give us a call at Kelley Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment for a tooth restoration consultation. We will recommend what is right for you!