Teeth Extractions

Occasionally, teeth will have to be extracted to prevent more serious problems from occurring or because they are damaged beyond repair. At Kelley Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to saving and restoring your teeth, so we don’t take the decision to extract a tooth lightly. It is only after we have exhausted every possible tooth option to save a tooth, that we will make the decision to extract a tooth.

If it is determined that you will need a tooth extraction, then please know that you will be treated with great care.


There are several reasons why we might recommend an extraction for you:

  • Overcrowding of the Teeth – Crowded teeth can lead to tooth decay because there is not enough space between the teeth to allow for proper cleansing. Crowded teeth can also cause problems with your bite and how your teeth fit together.
  • Baby Teeth – When the baby teeth don’t shed in time for the adult teeth to grow in their place, it could cause the adult teeth to grow into the wrong spaces or to stay in the gums and not grow in at all.
  • Orthodontic – Sometimes an orthodontist will recommend having the baby teeth removed in order to make room for the adult teeth to grow in.
  • Advanced Tooth Decay – Another more common reason for a tooth extraction is advanced tooth decay. Leaving the tooth in place could spread the decay to the healthy teeth.
  • As the human skeleton has evolved over time, today’s jaws (maxilla and mandible) have shown a tendency to be smaller than our ancestors and spatially less accommodating for 3rd molars (wisdom teeth). For this reason, there is often not enough space for 3rd molars to erupt into their proper positions. For those reasons and others, we might recommend wisdom tooth extraction.

We will be sure to look at all other options before recommending a tooth extraction, but if we have to do a tooth extraction, you can rest assured we will make it as pleasant an experience as possible!