Root Canals

Unfortunately, sometimes fear or concern about a certain dental procedure might prevent you from seeing a dental professional about a potential dental problem. A root canal is a procedure that many people used to avoid because of negative information, and that was unfortunate because they were not receiving the dental care they needed.

Reasons to Have a Root Canal

The two main reasons for root canal therapy are inflamed tooth pulp or infected tooth pulp. Tooth pulp is the soft tissue in the center of the tooth root, and is below the gum. When it becomes inflamed or infected, it can cause severe toothaches. A root canal procedure can be done to remove the inflamed or infected tooth pulp.

Benefits of Root Canals

The immediate benefit of root canals is that they relieve the pain caused by the inflamed or infected tooth pulp. Another benefit is that they stop the spread of infection to the gums and other teeth when the infected pulp is removed.

There is no need to fear root canals because they are meant to keep your teeth and gums healthy. We are committed to keeping you and your teeth and gums healthy, and we certainly don’t want you to live with the pain of a bad toothache. So, please don’t let inaccurate information keep you from receiving the dental care you need.

If you have a bad toothache that persists in spite of all of your best efforts, then please give us a call at Kelley Family Dentistry, and we will relieve that toothache as soon as possible!