We know how easy it can be to put all of your dental hygiene focus on your teeth, and forget about the health of your gums. However, healthy gums mean healthy teeth, and that is why we offer periodontics services—to keep your gums healthy!

As part of our periodontics services we do dental scaling, deep cleaning, and crown lengthening.

Dental Scaling and Root Planing/Deep Cleaning

Dental scaling and root planing is done when there are signs of gum disease, also called periodontal disease. The type of dental scaling for treating gum disease involves scraping the root of the tooth below the gums. This is done to remove tartar and plaque build-up on the root of the tooth.

Crown Lengthening

Sometimes a tooth will need to be better exposed before certain types of dental procedures can be done. For example, if a tooth is broken off right at the gumline, it would be difficult to add a crown to repair that tooth. This is one situation that might require a crown lengthening procedure, where a small portion of the gum and bone is removed to expose enough of the remaining tooth to support a dental crown.

In addition to scaling and root planing/deep cleaning, and crown lengthening, our periodontics services include taking digital X-ray images to check for any problems beneath the gums. We want to prevent gum disease before it starts, so we use a variety of preventative methods during routine dental checkups. That is why is it important that you make and keep your semiannual dental appointments.

Give us a call today at Kelley Family Dentistry, and we will be sure to check the health of your gums as thoroughly as we check the health of your teeth!