Restorative Dentistry

In addition to replacing missing teeth, restorative dentistry can be used to treat many other dental related conditions. Here are a few:

  • Cracked/Fractured Teeth – Cracks/fractures in the teeth can make teeth weak and vulnerable to chipping, breaking, and infection. Dental crowns, dental bonding and dental veneers are some of the best restorative methods for cracked/fractured teeth.
  • Chipped Teeth – This can make biting or chewing difficult, and can also leave nerves exposed. Dental veneers and dental bondings are two ways to fix a chipped tooth, and give it some reinforced strength to protect it from being chipped again.
  • Discolored Teeth – Dental bonding and dental veneers can be used to whiten discolored teeth.
  • Decayed Teeth – Dental crowns and dental bondings are often the best solution for restoring decayed teeth to a more natural look, and a stronger structure.
  • Pits & Fissures – Although useful for chewing, the pits and fissures of the molars can become difficult to clean, which can lead to tooth decay. Dental sealants are one of the best ways to protect the molars from problems caused by deep pits and fissures.

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Besides the obvious benefits of having a more attractive smile, restorative dentistry also offers some very important dental health benefits:

  • Improved Chewing Ability – When spaces caused by missing teeth are filled, your ability to chew and digest food improves.
  • Gum Protection – Restoring missing teeth or diseased tooth structure can help protect the gums from exposure to bacteria.
  • Stabilize and protect your mouth – Implants and dentures can help stabilize and protect your mouth by providing support where missing teeth leave a gap and shift biting forces unevenly.
  • Facial Muscle Support – Missing teeth can cause the facial muscles to sag because they are stretched when the mouth closes further than normal due to missing teeth. Dentures, dental bridges and dental implants can help give support to the facial muscles by bringing the mouth back to a more natural structure.
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